Cat care               (not available at this time)              $25.00 (30 min visit)

Why is a cat visit to your home better than a kennel? Cats are particular creatures- creatures of routine and domain. Being able to leave your cat at home reduces any mental stress on your pet that moving to a new location might cause. Also provides protection against communal illness that can be found at boarding facilities or kennels. What happens during a cat visit? We will feed your cat, but we will also clean the litter, provide fresh water, we will clean bowls and any medications your cat is taking will be administered at the time of visit. Also provide play and cuddle time.



Group Walks

Boarding (in home)

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   Jessica's              Pet Services                   

                                                            ***Please Note***        

  • Pre -Payment is due, prior to starting any service. NO ACCEPTIONS.
  • Hours are between 10-5pm. Mon -Friday. Closed holidays.
  • Servicing Barrie ONLY (selected areas) please inquire.
  • Please apply a $20.00 surcharge for NSF cheques.
  • Services and prices are subject to change without notice, some restrictions apply.
  • For your piece of mind FULLY INSURED AND BONDED
  • Canine first aid trained, Canine behaviour assessment and more...


Potty breaks                       (not available at this time)      $20.00 (15 min visit)
Some dogs have small bladders and need some extra attention, or you may have an elderly dog that is in need of frequent visits. This service is great to give your pet some attention during the day as well. Your pet can play in backyard  and also get a feeding if required.


Doggy Day Care            (Not Available at this time)                                 $45.00 +    
Come stay and play. Do you have a friendly fur baby at home alone, while you are at work or managing a busy day? If your fur baby loves social interaction with other friendly Canines. Than this is the place for them! Outside play anytime, sprinkler and pool fun on warm summer days! Lots of love and affection. Spaces are limited, book in advance to ensure you have a spot. All dogs must be vaccinated. Bordetella (Kennel cough), Rabies, and puppies must have their DHPP shots. Dogs must have flea/tick treatment from first thaw to first freeze.

Daily Dog Group Walks                                                               Amount per visit   

  • 30 minute group walk                                                                       $25.00  per dog/spot                                       
Walking your dog is just like humans, a dog's mind must be kept active to be healthy and happy. Regular daytime activity gives your pet mental stimulation. Along with the emotional benefits, there are the undeniable physical benefits. Even aging animals should be kept as agile and fit as possible but they may not be inclined to exercise without encouragement.
Dogs are social animals and they should be encouraged from a young age to greet and interact with other dogs and people. That's where I come in,
if a dog doesn't have the opportunity to socialize regularly, it can't be expected to interact appropriately and can become reactive to other dogs over time..  I offer group walks with other friendly trained dogs to help your dog with proper socialization and light training.  A minimum of two walks daily can help prevent and eliminate problems such as destructiveness, separation anxiety and other common behavioural issues. Remember a well exercised dog is a well behaved dog. :) 

Group walks are Mon - Fri, between 10am-3pm, excluding weekends and holidays.
*Limited spots available. A minimum of two walks a week, a requirement to hold your spot and keep your dog in a routine. Cancellations, or not meeting the (2 walks minimum) per week requirement, will result in your spot being bumped or services being cancelled to make room for new clients to fill those spots.
​​Boarding  (full day/night 9am-9am)                           $60.00/ per day-dog  
I offer Home-away-from-Home, In- home boarding for your loved pet/pets. Where your pooch can roam free and not be caged, unless requested. They will have social interaction/ play time with my dogs Danny a 9 year old Lab and Riley my little Chug, and other canines that may be here for Boarding. Your pet/pets must be socialized and non-aggressive. Spots are limited, as I only take a few dogs at one time. You must provide food, and other favorite items you would use on a daily basis to make your pet feel at home while you are away. We strive on making your fur baby feel at home while you are away. We love to send you picture updates and videos!
Giving lots of affection and care is easy for us because we love what we do! It shows by repeat business and expansion.  We have created the best, fun loving environment for all my clients. You will not be disappointed!! Payment is due prior to boarding. All dogs must be vaccinated. Bordetella (kennel cough), Rabies and puppies must have their DHPP shots. Dogs must have flea/ tick treatment from first thaw to first freeze.

A trial night might be required before a booking is accepted. It's to ensure that your pooch will be comfortable in my home before before we commit to a long stay. The will be a regular boarding fee of $60.00 for this trial night. Jessica's pet services​​​ requires a free 30 min consultation in my home before booking is accepted.